Cristiano Ronaldo Picks Up 30 Million New Instagram Followers

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Cristiano Ronaldo does well on the field and on social media. 

Helios de la Rubia
Instagrammers sure do love popstars. And soccer, aka football.
[/tags/instagram/ Instagram] on Wednesday revealed its annual list of most popular accounts, with Selena Gomez at the top for the third year in a row. The singer and actress has 130 million followers, beating fellow singer Ariana Grande by about 15 million.

Quickly climbing the ranks is soccer/football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who was just behind Grande with about 115 million followers. He was No. 6 last year, but vaulted to third place thanks to 30 million new Instagram fans. Ronaldo also had the most-viewed video on the year on the platform. The video of him [ showing off his new Bugatti Chiron] was viewed just under 20 million times. The [/roadshow/reviews/2017-bugatti-chiron-preview/ Chiron costs around $3 million], by the way.

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He's also not the only football/soccer star gaining popularity on the Facebook-owned social network. Leo Messi gained 21 million followers, bringing his total up to 83.9 million.

The most-liked photo of the year? Y'all already know. Beyonce [/news/beyonce-shatters-most-liked-instagram-photo-record/ announced she was pregnant with twins] on the Gram back in February, around which time it became the most-liked Instagram post of all time. It now has more than 11.18 million likes. [/news/beyonce-lemonade/ Lemonade] for all!

The Kardashians were well represented, with Kim at No. 6 (104 million), the [/news/more-woke-than-coke-pepsi-slammed-for-kendall-jenner-protest-ad/ oh-so-woke] Kylie Jenner at No. 7 (99.5 million) and Kendall Jenner at No. 10 (84.8 million).  

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